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What's NursePay
all about?

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction means finding the right balance between important factors like pay, benefits and expectations of the workplace.  

I created NursePay so that nurses could finally have the information they need to choose jobs based on their needs.


What is the pay? The float policy? Do nurses get real breaks? What's the retirement package like? 

As nurses, we know what makes a good work environment and what doesn't. Let's help each other by sharing what we know.

Nurse Led

We ask for change and get pizza parties.

Nurses everywhere are taking the lead on change.

NursePay is a collection of all our voices. Together we are powerful.

Who is behind NursePay?

Thank you for stopping by NursePay!

In March 2022, I started NursePay because I believe that nurses deserve more transparency in pay, benefits and workplace expectations.   If you're interested, I've written more about why I started this project here.

I want this site to be useful to nurses 💛. If you have ideas, or feedback or just want to say hello, I would love to hear from you!

Casey (BSN 2013)

Help other nurses, anonymously.

No names are collected. Include only what you want to share. This is a community of nurses helping nurses.