Nurses deserve greater job satisfaction.

The NursePay Story

So many nurses are feeling undervalued and overworked; often feeling like the job they signed up for was different from the one they had. Fed up, some nurses are leaving the profession altogether.

As a nurse myself, I experienced these challenges firsthand. I was frustrated by the lack of transparency around what to expect in a work environment and whether the compensation offered was truly worth it. That's when I realized there had to be a better way. Nurses needed a way to share their experiences, learn from one another, and make informed career decisions based on real-world data.

I created NursePay so that nurses had a way to access salary information and workplace insights contributed by real nurses - colleagues they can trust. By sharing their unique experiences, nurses can help one another navigate the challenges of their profession, find job satisfaction, and improve transparency around nursing pay and workplace culture.

Join our community of nurses helping nurses and discover the power of our collective knowledge.

In solidarity,

Casey, RN
Founder of NursePay

The Mission

NursePay is on a mission to help nurses navigate their careers by bringing transparency to compensation, workplace culture, benefits, and expectations.

The Vision

A future where every nurse has access to the information needed to make informed decisions and achieve job satisfaction.

Casey, RN

A little about me

I've been a nurse since 2013 with most of my experience in L&D in NYC and CA.  Along the way, I've regularly encountered barriers to understanding and making better nursing career decisions.

What other nursing jobs were out there and what could I expect in compensation? 

I built this website so nurses can share and evaluate wages, benefits and nurse insights upfront.

My promise:  If you share your information I will keep it anonymous. I will update the results regularly. It's entirely free and open to all nurses.  I ask only that you are honest and want to be part of our supportive community. 💛

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