Highest Pay and Lowest Cost of Living for Nurses

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You've probably noticed that while some areas pay nurses really well, the cost of living can be sky-high. Take the Bay Area, for example. But where are the best COL to nurse salary ratios? It's pretty eye-opening stuff, and I've been diving deep into the numbers to see how the data can help nurses even more.

Low COL with high pay
This is the holy grail for nurses. For example, did you know that Sacramento pays close to Bay Area wages, while housing costs are about half of what they are in San Francisco? I'll say it again: HALF!!

What's your opinion?
I won't be able to determine the true cost of living as maybe the government might, but I've come up with a solution. I plan to use a proxy to estimate the cost of living. I’ll probably use the cost of renting a 2-bedroom apartment. What do you think?

Thank you - really.
As always, thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support in upholding the value of nurses helping nurses.

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